The Benefits Of Using Dashboard Cameras

The Benefits Of Using Dashboard Cameras

Dash Cam Benefits

The dash camera is basically a type of camera which can be attached to the dashboard of your car so it can record everything that happens to you and your car when you are on the road. Dash cameras are very popular in Russia where there is a high rate of driving scams, but they are also growing in popularity amongst U.K drivers. There are many benefits to getting a dash camera which we have outlined below.


transcend-drive-pro-220Being involved in a car crash is bad enough, but being persecuted for a crash which wasn’t your fault can really suck. The main reason more and more drivers are deciding to buy dash cameras is that the camera starts recording as soon as your car’s engine begins running and it will record everything that happens to that car whilst it is running.

This means that if your car is involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault then the dash camera will record what happened and it can provide you with real video evidence which you can use in court. Many dash cameras these days include a GPS which is able to show the exact location, speed, date and time of the accident to help back up your claim even further.

This evidence will help ensure that you are not blamed for the crash. If the crash was the other parties fault and you have evidence to prove it then not only will they not be able to pin the blame on you (which they may well try to do if they know they are at fault), but they may also have to pay for your car to be repaired so you don’t have to claim on your insurance and lose your no claims bonus.

You might also be able to use your dash camera as evidence if you are stopped for a traffic violation. If your camera has a GPS and the police officer claims you were speeding then you can use your footage to prove that you weren’t speeding. You can also use your dash camera as evidence if you are accused of driving whilst using your mobile phone or if you are accused of other illegal activity inside the car.

Speed Up The Process

If neither party has sufficient evidence then any insurance and/or court proceeding is going to take ages whilst each party states their case and tries to prove that they are innocent and the other party is guilty.

If one of those parties has good quality video evidence which can prove what they are saying is true then the facts will speak for themselves and the whole procedure will be solved a lot faster, thus saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Report Reckless Drivers

Reckless driving can be really dangerous and could even prove deadly in the wrong circumstances. If you see someone speeding, driving recklessly, drunk driving or exhibiting other behaviour that you are concerned about then you may want to report them to help keep the roads safe, but without video evidence, you have no real proof and it is unlikely that anything will happen.

If you have a dash camera, however, then you can record any concerning behaviour and give the proper authorities your evidence which will help them track down the perpetrator

Protect Yourself From Scams

Dash camera’s can stop you being blamed for real car crashes, but you may also need your dash camera to protect you from insurance fraud and ‘crash-for-cash’ schemes. Crash-for-cash schemesblackvue-dr650gw-2ch basically involve people causing car accident on purpose so they can extort money from the person they have scammed.

It is also pretty common for scammers to fake injuries so they can collect insurance money from their own insurance companies. These types of scams are fairly common and they can be a real pain if you get caught up in it, but if you have a dash camera it will keep a real-time record of the events and it will show whether the other party deliberately caused the accident and/or faked injury.

Protect Your Unattended Car

Dash cameras can help protect your car even when you’re not in it. Some cameras have a special ‘parking mode’ which will allow the camera to continue recording footage even if the engine is off and the car is unattended. This can help protect your car from theft and/or accidents even if you are not in the car at the time.

The camera may, for example, record someone scratching or damaging your car and it will also record any attempted (or successful) break-ins and theft. Some dash cameras can be operated remotely from your home and many will give you the option of sending the footage to your own laptop or phone so you can keep track of the car from the comfort of your own house.

Many dash cameras will contain G-shock technology which allows the camera to detect sudden and violent movements. This will help the camera detect a car crash even when no one is in the car so you will have a record of any incidents which may happen when you are not in your vehicle.

Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Some companies will actually offer a discount to drivers who install dash cams into their cars. These dash cameras can save the insurance company money because it saves you having to use your own insurance for a crash which wasn’t your fault and so it can also save the insurance company from having to pay you.

Some insurance companies also believe that if someone installs a dash camera into their car it will encourage them to become a safer and more responsible driver. These insurance policies often state that you must use the camera at all times and provide the company with footage in the event of an accident, so you have a pretty big incentive to be as careful on the road as possible because now you have a camera recording your every move!

Improve Your Own Driving Skills

There is always room for improvement, but it can be hard to tell when you make basic driving mistakes if there are no bad consequences and there is no one else to see what happened. If you have a dash camera, however, then you can review your own driving, spot your mistakes and learn from them. This may be especially helpful for new drivers or those who are less confident on the road.

Keep Track Of Your Teenagers

erkona-car-dash-cameras-dvr-novatek-chipsetYounger drivers are often more likely to be involved in a car accident because they simply don’t have the experience that an older driver has. Setting up a dash camera which keeps track of your teenagers driving skills can help give you peace of mind, it can help you monitor their driving so you can help them out (or tell them off!) if you see them making mistakes or not paying attention to the road, and if your teen ‘borrows’ your car without your knowledge and/or permission you will have a record of their activity.

If you want to avoid a Ferris Beuller situation then you may feel more comfortable in the knowledge that if this does happen you will have a record of it. Not only will the dash camera keep a record of what your teenager does to/in the car but if they know the camera is there they may be more likely to ‘borrow’ the car in the first place!

Record Happy Memories

Many people have happy memories of road trips, family trips and weekend getaways in the car, but you might forget or be unable to record them. The dash camera will record your entire journey which can help preserve your memories of the trip and provide you with video footage which you can edit and turn into home movies. The camera can also record the scenery outside of your car and it can pick up any unexpected sights which you may miss otherwise.

Some of the best moments happen when we’re not recording, so if you ever wished that there was a constant recording of your life which could keep a record of all the big and small changes that happen to you and your family then at least in terms of your car you can have your wish!

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