Best Dual Lens Dash Cam - Reviews 2020 - 2021

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Best Dual Lens Dash Cam

Dual dash cameras are a great car accessory due to their ability to record footage from the front and rear of your car because of the two cameras in the device. Not only does this give you better coverage during an incident, but helps your record any important activity from the driver behind you.

But is a two in one dash camera really worth it? They normally are if you buy a high quality model with a good resolution camera, thats why we have rounded up the best two channel dash cams on the market and compared them to help find the best dual dash cam for you.

Our Top Pick! - TOGUARD 12" 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

The TOGUARD mirror model is mid-priced and features a 12 inch mirror with a 2.5K front cam and 1080p rear cam video quality. Its 170 degree wide angle lenses can capture all kinds of movement around giving you a better field of view.

The system of this model can be controlled with voice command, whether you want to switch camera view or turn them on/off, this allows you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times. There is a GPS feature too that can show you your speed and track location, paired with a parking guide to help you when reversing.

Extra features are the G sensor of this model which can lock emergency video when triggered, along with its parking mode that takes 20 seconds worth of video when detecting impact. This model can be installed easily onto your mirror and can support a 128 GB card.


Great value for money and boasts high video quality for its front and rear lenses, this model is also one of the best on our list due to its voice command which allows you to switch between your cameras at any time while driving.

Downfalls of this model has to be its lack of 4K recording capabilities and voice command can have trouble recognising some voices.


  • High video quality especially for front camera.
  • Voice command allows you to control the camera while driving.
  • Parking mode and G sensor increase coverage.
  • Can support a high capacity card.
  • Can be used as a mirror.


  • Lack of 4K recording resolution.
  • Can have trouble recognising some people voices.

Z-Edge GPS Dash Cam

This Z-Edge GPS model has a high resolution front and rear dash cam that has full HD video resolution of 1080p and can record at night in black and white. Its super capacitor powered system also means the camera can be used in car no matter the weather condition.

The 150 degree wide angle lenses of the two channel camera allows you to have a much better viewing range, along with its WDR technology that balances exposure for a clearer image. Video wise this camera has motion detection from its G-sensor and has loop recording so as you can record continuously on to your card.

GPS tracking on this model allows you to track location, speed and distance, it comes with a 32 GB SD card to get you started too.


This cams system can be easily installed into your car with its suction cup mount, its design is reliable and comes with all the important features needed for dash cameras, its GPS system is also included unlike other models making it great value for money.

However, this dash cam does lack the ability to record 4K footage and it only displays GPS information such as speed when you look back at the footage, not during recording.


  • Affordable two channel camera with variety of features.
  • Wide angle viewing and full HD video quality.
  • G-sensor and loop recording.
  • GPS tracking system included.
  • Comes with a 32 GB card.


  • Doesn't record in 4K.
  • GPS information such as speed is only displayed when you review footage.

Dual Dash Cam TOGUARD

Now, if you are on a budget and are looking for a best front and rear camera model, this TOGUARD dash cams system may be for you. This model comes with 170 degree 1080p front camera and 140 degree 720p inside camera with four infrared lights for night recording.

Its six glass lens has HDR technology and comes with loop system so as it can continuously record, as well as a G-sensor to lock video footage when a accident occurs. Its parking mode will also detect any usual motion or bumps on your car when turned off.

It's discreet body will fit seamlessly into anyone's car and can be installed easily due to its suction cup mounting system.


This TOGUARD cam is great value for money if you are looking for a decent front and rear dash cam for your car, its video quality is great for the price and parking mode helps to protect your car when parked. Downfalls of this model are its 720p quality which is understandable for the price, the screen size is also quite small, Wi-Fi connectivity could have been good for reviewing footage closer.


  • Best budget front and rear model on our list with good video quality.
  • All the features such as emergency lock, G-sensor and parking mode.
  • Has loop technology and can be installed easily.


  • Video resolution is poorer than other models due to price.
  • Screen size is very small.

Campark R10 Backup Camera

The Campark R10 model acts as a normal rear view mirror with front and rear recording abilities. This dash cam can record 1080p with one camera and 720p with the other, the front cam also has a 170 degree viewing angle and is adjustable.

The 10 inch touch screen of this dash cams model can be used for numerous features and acts as a rear mirror when screensaver mode is on, it has a low exposure rear lens for better video quality at night and IP68 waterproof rated. The dash cams super capcitator system can withstand weather conditions easily.

Other features of this Campark R10 model are its built in G sensor that automatically locks video during in a collision or impact, it has loop recording too so as it can be recording continuously on to the SD card in your camera. Its parking mode turns on automatically when it senses impact and records for a duration of 15 seconds.

This model comes with a GPS function that can display driving speed (brought separately) and has a Travelapse feature which can shorten your footage into a time-lapse. There is a 12-month warranty included with this product.


This rear view mirror dash cam is well-built and has a larger mirror for better viewing and recording, its priced very fairly and comes with all the features needed such as a parking mode and a travel lapse feature.

Downfalls of this Campark model are its lack of ability to record in 4K resolution, it also can be a little complicated to install.


  • Allows you to use it as a rear mirror and two channel camera.
  • Gives HD resolution and has loop recording.
  • Parking mode and G sensor.
  • Can be paired with GPS.
  • Travelapse function can be used to shorten down footage and view it quicker.


  • Doesn't record in 4K resolution.
  • Can be complicated to install.

Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Camera

Vantrue have many high ranking dash cams on the market currently, this model in particular boasts a 1080p video quality and 170 degree wide recording angle for the front cam, along with a 140 degree angle for the rear cam. The front has great night vision capabilities too.

Design wise this model is heat-resistant and has the ability to be rotated 80 degrees on its rear giving you more angles for footage. It comes with dual parking modes that will take pictures when triggered via motion and form it into a time-lapse. There is a built in microphone to record audio as well.

This front and rear cams set-up comes with; a G sensor for recording collision events/locking video footage, loop recording, an auto LCD off and can support a 64 GB card. Furthermore, there is a 18-month warranty for buying confidence and can be paired with a GPS system if added separately.


A reliable camera with great video quality and rear angle views, its G sensor and parking mode gives coverage during all kinds of incidents as well as its microphone to pick up any important audio. However, this model can only support a 64 GB card which isn't very large, it also can't record in 4K resolution and its night visions is said to be poor.


  • Reliable build with wide front and rear recording angles.
  • Heat resistant and adjustable.
  • Microphone can record audio.
  • Parking mode and G sensor included.


  • No 4K resolution.
  • Can't support a card higher than 64 GB.
  • Night vision is reported to be poor.

AUKEY Dash Cam Dual

If you are looking for a highly rated best two channel camera this Aukey model might be for you. This front/rear dash cam can record video quality in 1080p full HD at 30 fps. Its wide angle lenses can capture movement from around the sides of your car too.

This dash cam most importantly comes with emergency recording for locking footage during accidents, it also has loop recording and can be connected to an antenna for GPS capabilities. The super capacitor power allows the device to be used in all weather conditions as well as pro-longing its batteries life.

Extra features of this model are its parking mode which is triggered via motion, adding extra security to your car when turned off. Installation wise it comes with 3 m adhesive pads and can support SD cards of up to 128 GB.


A very affordable two channel camera with HD video quality and wide angle views, this Aukey model comes with a parking mode for higher security when your car is left alone.

However, this camera comes with white/grey adhesive pads with makes your camera much more noticeable when installed in your car as opposed to black ones, its display is also rather small so a wireless connection could have been a better option for reviewing recordings.


  • Affordable with 1080p resolution and wide angle.
  • Parking mode, G-sensor and emergency sensor included.
  • Super capacitor pro-longs battery life and allows it to be used in all weather conditions.
  • Has easy installation.


  • Comes with white adhesive pads which makes camera noticeable.
  • LCD is small, wireless connection to smartphone would be better for reviewing footage.

Which Is The Best Dual Camera?

Overall, to conclude, all these front and rear camera models are great to fit in your car and can offer extra protection for you when driving, the best camera on our list however has to be TOGUARD mirror camera due to its high resolution on both front and rear dash cameras, it also has great features such as voice control and a parking guide.

Some more affordable runner-up options are the TOGUARD smaller front and rear camera which is also great value for its price, along with the Z-Edge camera that has GPS abilities included.

Best Dual Dash Cam Buying Guide

Buying your first front and rear two channel camera for your car can be complicated and overwhelming sometimes, even though you might find some top branded cameras such as Nextbase dash cam models on the market, its worth familiarising yourself with all the different features of these camera models before making a decision.

Best Dash Cam Features

Your dash cam should come with some basic features such as a G-sensor and parking mode, however there are some other features you should be looking for when choosing your best front and rear model.

  • G-sensor - G-force sensors on your camera will sense collision or impact on your car and lock this footage automatically.
  • Parking mode - Parking mode is a great feature that most of the best camera models offer, this allows you to record motion when your car is parked at night, protecting it from vandalism.
  • GPS - These features can often track your speed and location of an accident, this can be useful to show as evidence.
  • WiFi/Large LCD - If you have a large LCD to review your footage on thats fine, however this can increase the size of your dash cams model making it less discreet, if your front and rear camera has a small screen then look for one with WiFi capabilities so as you can upload your dash cams videos on to your phone.
  • SD card - Consider how much footage you want your dash cams card to store, cameras sometimes can only house a card up to 64 GB, some 128 GB, keep this is mind before purchasing.
  • Easy installation - You don't want a dash cam model which is hard to install, if you need it hard-wiring into your car use a professional. Some camera models also comes with easy suction cups to hold the camera in place.
  • Voice control - Not many, but some of the best dash cams have voice command control, this great when you want to switch between camera views while driving without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.
  • Video quality - Nowadays, if you really want clear footage the best rear dash cams will offer 1080p quality, any less you may have trouble distinguishing number plates.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Now if you are considering buying a front and rear camera, as with most technology, it comes with its pros and cons. So if your on the edge of whether you should be buying a dash cam for your car, this might help you out.


  • Gives first-hand evidence and better coverage - Dash cams in general qualify as first-hand evidence of an accident, having a dual-camera is even better as it gives a better look at the accident and what happened.
  • Can lower your insurance cost - In some cases installing a dash cam in your car can even lower insurance costs depending on what company you are with.
  • Can be used for road trips! - On a lighter note, you can actually use your dash cams footage to record a beautiful road trip.
  • Good for driving instructors and learners - The video took from your cam can be used for feedback when learning how to drive.


  • Evidence can still be limited - A dash cam can't pick up everything that happens in an accident, however having a two channel camera can help show what's happened from the rear.
  • Can attract thieves - If you have a large dash cam this can sometimes unfortunately attract theft, try to buy more discreet models.
  • They can be expensive - Two channel cameras can be very expensive if you want a high quality one.
  • Be careful with audio - In some countries its illegal to record passengers voices without their consent, make sure to turn audio off if you are not sure.
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