Best Front And Rear Dash Cam

Dash cams are known normally to have a one channel camera that can show us and record footage in front of our car incase of an accident, dash cameras allows us to have protection when parking our car too.

But what about having a view from the rear of our car? That’s where dual cameras come in, these little devices have a front and rear camera, allowing us to nearly have a 360 degree video coverage of our vehicle, all this is recorded on to its SD card.

So, with all the different models on the market, it can be confusing to know which one is the best, thats why we have rounded up the best front and rear cameras out there and compared them to help find the best one for your car.

Our Top Choice! – Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam Three Way

The N4 Vantrue three channel dash cam offers the chance to record video footage from the front of the car, the inside and the rear all at the same time with 4 k resolution for the front video and full HD 1080 p for the inside and rear. This camera gives your car all round protection and high image resolution.

Not only does this model have a three-way field of view, it also boasts an infrared Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, which allows you to capture high video quality at night, even from inside the car. This camera has a 24-hour parking mode which can be triggered via motion, even when the camera is turned off a collision impact will turn it on automatically as long as it is hardwired in.

Extra features off this dash cams model are its super capacitor powered system which can survive extreme weather conditions making it one of the best cams for hotter countries. This model also features; loop recording, auto LCD switch off, can hold a 265 GB card and has a 18-month warranty.


A great three-way dash cam that gives a better field of view than other models on our list, it also has great features such as its 24 hour parking mode and high image resolution making it one of the best cams on our list.

Downfalls of this front and rear cam are its expensive price and the fact it has to be hardwired in to use parking mode which can drain your cars battery, this mode is also reported to have issues such as only capturing footage within a 10 second frame of being triggered.


  • Three channel camera system for all round video.
  • 24 hour parking mode.
  • High quality video and night camera system.
  • Sensor for collision and impact turns the camera on automatically.
  • Can survive all weather conditions.


  • Parking mode can have issues.
  • Needs to be hardwired in to use parking mode.
  • Expensive.

Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam

Nextbase are well-known in the dash cams industry for producing reliable products. This 422GW dash cam model will not let you down with its 4K front camera that can record at 30fps and a rear cam with 1080p full HD video at 60fps. The lens of this cam is also wide angle for a better field of view.

The cam can mark with its GPS where an accident has happened and even alert emergency services. The bluetooth and quick link WIFI system of this cam allows you to auto sync your video footage to your phone via its app and talk to its Alexa system. Its 2.5 inch full HD LCD screen plays back footage with high resolution.

This best Nextbase model can be installed easily via its magnetic power connectors and 6m cable to connect its rear dash cam, these wires can be easily hidden on your cars roof lining and be paired with a polarising filter for clearer video.

It’s model also comes with a parking mode, collision sensor and night recording capabilities.


The Nextbase 422GW dash cam has a very high resolution video and reliable camera system with full HD recording capabilities and great features such as its Alexa and bluetooth connection abilities. Its camera system is also great safety wise allowing you to track GPS and alert emergency services.

However, this model can be difficult to fit due to its need to connect a cable from the rear cam to the front, this can be hard to hide depending on the size of your car and the cable may not be long enough. It can also only take a 128 GB SD card.


  • Reliable cam with high image quality.
  • Can track GPS or alert emergency services.
  • Bluetooth connection allows you to upload video to your phone or talk to Alexa.
  • Has parking mode, collision sensors and can record at night.


  • Can’t take large SD cards.
  • Wire to connect rear camera to front cam can be complicated to fit.

APEMAN Dual Dash Cam

If you are looking for a budget best front and rear camera then this APEMAN dash cam might be the model for you. Its front lens can record footage at 4K video quality along with its rear that has 1080p resolution, both lenses on the camera also have a 170 degree wide angle for better viewing.

This camera comes with a clear 3 inch display followed by a high technology sensor for better night recording. Its emergency sensor automatically records when a collision is felt and saves/locks the video. This camera can be used with a 128 GB SD card and can be either hardwired into your car or kept plugged in constantly.

Other features of this camera are its easy installation that comes with a 6 m rear cable and 360 degree rotating suction mount. There is also a screen saver mode to stop distraction when driving.


If you are on a budget this is the best dash cam to buy on our list due to its low price and high video quality, this camera also has reliable sensors and collision sensitivity for accidents.

Downfalls of the model has to be its lack of Wi-Fi or bluetooth connectivity to upload the video on to your phone, it also lacks in build-quality and has been reported to block DAB single due to the rear camera.


  • Very affordable with high video quality.
  • 170 degree angle lenses for wide view.
  • Clear display and night recording.
  • Emergency collision sensor.
  • Easy installation.


  • No mobile connection via bluetooth.
  • Lacks design quality due to lower price.
  • Rear camera has been reported to block DAB signal.

Halo Pro Dual Dash Cam

If you are looking for a dash cam that can record wide angle footage with its front and rear camera then look no further than the Halo Pro model. This cam can record 4K image resolution at the front along with full HD at the rear, it also has no screen and fits very discreetly into your car.

The cam comes with a parking mode when hardwired in and has WIFI capabilities so as you can upload your video to your phone easily. Its GPS system can track where an incident has occurred and backups footage on to its internal storage.

This impressive Halo Pro dash cam can even record high image resolution at night and boasts a winter mode which keeps your window screen warm where your cam is fitted to avoid any vision being obscured by frosting.


A well designed cam which is very discreet and does not attract attention, comes with high image resolution and best features such as parking mode and GPS tracking. This model is great as it backs-up footage on to its internal storage too.

Downfalls of this model has to be its app connection, this is reported to have connection issues when uploading footage, plus its video quality is said to be hit or miss.


  • Affordable cam with great features and good video quality.
  • Discreet design.
  • Backups video on internal storage as well as its card.
  • Has a winter mode which is great for countries with harsher winters.
  • Can record at night.


  • App is out of date and has connection issues.
  • Image resolution can be bad when uploaded.

AUKEY 1080p Dual Dash Cam

The Aukey front and rear best dash cam can record footage day and night at 1080p image quality and has the option to record audio within your car. This cam is accompanied by Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors and has wide angle lenses to improve your field of view.

The camera video recording is automatically turned on during accidents and loops over old footage. Furthermore, it uses a super capacitor system rather than lithium-ion batteries so as it can be protected against all weather conditions, there is a parking mode too which can detect motion when hard-wired into your car.

Extra features of this dash cam are its adhesive pads that allow easy installation along with a 24-month warranty that helps you to replace the cam if faulty.


This best dash cam by Aukey is fairly price and provides a decent image quality with a wide angle lens for protecting your car, however, this dash cam does lack in resolution and features when compared with other cams on our list, it has no 4K recording capabilities and can only take 128 GB SD cards.

This model also can’t track GPS unless an antenna is brought separately, footage also has to be viewed via a USB B cable or micro SD adaptor, there are no bluetooth or WIFI connectivity options too.


  • Affordable and boasts HD video quality with a good field of view.
  • Can be used in all weather conditions along with the ability to detect motion when your car is parked.
  • Easy installation.


  • Cannot upload video via bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Needs separate antenna for GPS tracking.
  • No 4K recording.

AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam

The Auto Vox V5 dash cam is one the most affordable dash cams on our list. This model comes with a Sony IMX307 1080p video quality and has a special design which allows this cam to be used on cars with right-hand drivers.

Its rear camera has blue glasses to protect the lens from over-exposure and is paired with a full lamination touch screen to view your video on, this touch screen allows you to adjust your view scope along with parking lines when reversing.

The parking mode comes with a sensor and auto records footage for 30 seconds when triggered as well as locking it. Its GPS connection can be used for recording the speed and route of your journey, it has loop recording to continuously save video over old files too.

The footage can be viewed via its app on Mac or Windows software and comes with a one-year warranty.


An affordable front and rear dash cam which is very versatile, it can be used with right-hand cars, and also has a high image quality LCD screen with parking line guidance. Downfalls of this model are its lack of ability to record 4K footage, it also lacks mobile Wi-Fi connectivity which can be useful for viewing footage on rather than a big LCD.


  • Can be used on right-handed cars.
  • Blue lens protects from over-exposure.
  • Touch screen has variety of different features.
  • GPS connection.


  • Can’t record 4K footage.
  • Lacks mobile connection.

What Is The Best Front and Rear Dash Camera?

All these best dash cams are great in terms of durability and camera lenses, however the best front and rear dash cam has to be the Vantrue N4 3 channel camera due to its three different views and best dash cam features.

As runners up, we placed the Nextbase dash cam model and the Apeman rear dash cams system due to their affordability and high resolution cameras.

Front and Rear Camera Buying Guide

Now we have listed out and compared the best dash cams on the market, there’s some key points you need to know and consider before buying the best model for your car.

What Makes The Best Front and Rear Dash Cams?

There are some key features you should look out for when purchasing your dash cam such as; camera quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, parking modes and GPS capabilities.

  • Image quality – You should look for a front and rear camera that has a resolution of at least 1080p, this will ensure the video took is high enough quality to use as evidence along with being able see number plates clearly.
  • Wide angle – Having wide angle lens on your camera can make such a difference in the area of field you can see.
  • Connectivity – Connecting your camera to your laptop or viewing footage via an LCD can be tiring and make your device bigger than it needs to be, many new dash cams have the ability to connect to your smartphone and upload their video on to their applications.
  • GPS – The best dash cam set up will have a GPS so as you can track any place that incidents occur, along with your speed and route when driving.
  • Battery – The best camera will run via a capacitor rather than a lithium-ion battery, this ensures they can be used in any kind of temperature and are longer lasting.
  • Audio – This can be a great feature to have on your camera incase of a police incident as it allows you to record the conversation and anything leading up to it from inside the car.
  • Emergency recording – A dash cam best recording sensor will automatically turn on when a impact collision is felt, rear view and front view cameras can even contact the emergency services.
  • Parking mode – This will require your camera to be connected to an external battery or hard-wired in, but once installed this a great feature that will detect motion when your car is turned off. This can be useful incase of any vandalism which can be recorded with a rear view camera.
  • Design – You don’t want a front and rear camera thats too big, this will attract attention along with theft, instead opt for a smaller design.
  • Easy installation – Make sure your dash cam is easy to install, whether thats with a suction cup for easy removability or hard-wired in, you can get a professional to help with this.

Overall, the best dash cams will often come at a higher price, this means you can get more storage, higher resolution and lots other great features. A cheaper model can be great for recording purposes only, but if your after some wireless connectivity and parking modes, be prepared to pay more.

Should I Get a Front and Rear Dash Cam?

Single channel camera dash cams can be suitable if you are not bothered about having a rear view, however front and rear dash cams can give better coverage during an accident and help spot vandalism.

We’ve listed out some pros and cons below of dual camera set-ups to help you decide.


  • Better supporting evidence/coverage incase of an accident, can help support insurance claims if someone has hit you from behind.
  • Both cameras are set up into one system so you can access footage easily from either camera.
  • Great for parking mode incase you experience vandalism on your car overnight.


  • Tend to be more expensive than a single view dash cam.
  • Rear camera tends to be lower quality than front.
  • The wire that connects both should be long enough to run the roof of your car.

A front and rear dash cam is definitely worth it if you have a higher budget and would like more coverage for your car on the road and when parked, however, single-view dash cams can be just as good and sometimes even higher quality, not to mention more affordable too. The decision is yours.


What is the difference between a two-channel dash cam or a one-channel dash cam?

A one-channel dash cam has one lens and normal front view of your car, a two channel model can record a front view and rear view at the same time.

What is parking mode?

Parking mode is feature that comes with many dash cams that are hard-wired into your car or used with an external battery. This mode switches on the camera and records motion when triggered even when your car is turned off. This will use your cars battery to give it a constant power source if hard-wired.

Will my dash camera be stolen?

It’s very unlikely your dash cam will be stolen, most thieves fear the fact they are being recorded and dash cameras are not always easy to remove due to all the cabling, especially if they are hard-wired. You can always up the security on your car or buy a removable/discreet model if you are worried.

Do I need wireless connectivity?

Wireless connectivity truly is a great feature for your model as it allows you to upload load or share your footage pretty much instantly due to smartphone application.

Do I need an LCD with my model?

Not if you have smartphone connectivity, LCD camera screens can be good if you want to review your footage from there, however they are often bigger and less discreet.

Why should I get a front and rear dash cam?

Gives coverage and evidence of an accident, warns off thieves and on a lighter note can even record road trips!

How do I install my model?

You can hard-wire your dash camera into your car professionally or use the cigarette lighter power option. You could hook it up to an external battery too.

Why can’t I use a go pro instead?

Go pros are expensive and can be recognised easily, therefore encouraging theft.