Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Wi-Fi Front And Rear Car Dash Cam

blackvue-dr650gw-2chThe Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam has taken the dash cam industry by storm thanks to its unique features, in particular taking advantage of Cloud storage to make it easier for users to safeguard their videos, and of course the ability to watch the cam through a live feed that can connect to a smartphone. These are just a couple of reasons why this Blackvue dash cam is top of the range and not forgetting the fact it comes with a rear car camera as well which could prove invaluable to some users.

The price tag of this specific dash cam isn’t for the faint hearted, and will in fact cost anyone an arm and a leg to get this great dash cam installed in their car – but as far as dash cams go this is truly one of the best available and is worth forking out for. It comes already Wi-Fi enabled which allows users to upload their photos and videos with ease, and what’s better is the fact you won’t have to take the dash cam out of the car to upload the videos.

Have a look at the many features this top dash cam provides below:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Live view – If you aren’t with your can and you have your phone handy, you can connect to the dash cam and get a live preview of anything around it to make sure everything is how it should be.
  • Talk to your vehicle using two way voice communication – A handy little feature is the “talk to your car” feature. This can be handy in certain cases where the car or te phone is stolen/lost. You will be able to talk to the person on the other end either through the dash cam or phone/tablet.
  • Video backup – Using your phone or tablet with the Over the Cloud app installed, you will be able to move files from your dash cam to your online Cloud storage and not be anywhere near it. This makes it easier to save important files without having to take the dash cam out of the car.
  • Full HD recording – As with most common dash cams these days, this one also provides Full HD 1080p clear cut images and video recordings of everything that happens so you will be able to see everything clear as day.
  • Front and rear cameras – This dash cam comes in a set of two so you will be able to not only record what’s going on in front of you but it’s also able to record what’s going on behind. This gives you twice as much evidence and more or less two witnesses should anything happen that isn’t your fault.
  • Parking mode recording – Using motion sensors the camera automatically switches on when something is moving in front of it – it then records what’s going on. This is great for when your car is parked overnight night and you will be able to record any criminal activity should anything happen. A lot of people purposely point their car towards their house if possible to give added protection to the house as well.
  • Ultra wide viewing – This camera can see up to 129 degrees in its viewing angle which provides users with a lot of coverage should anything happen on the road.
  • Wi-Fi enabled – Wi-Fi has been integrated in this dash cam and is very easy to connect to using local hotspots.
  • SONY CMOS Sensor – Sensors developed by the well-known Sony are implemented in this design to give crystal clear pictures and video recordings no matter if it’s day or night.

As you can see from the many features above, it’s an exquisite piece of equipment that is going to prove invaluable to anyone looking for a witness whilst they are driving. This dash cam provides everything all the standard ones do and a lot more to go with it. This dash cam could actually prove to be priceless in some situations and many have never looked back in paying what some might describe as an extortionate price for a small piece of equipment.


Features: Front and rear cams – Live view through camera feed – Full HD recordings

Pricing: High-End