Can You Use A Dashcam In France? Is It Legal There? Find Out Here!
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Dec 2, 2021 @ 5:14 am

It is permissible to use them for private purposes in France; however, film should not be shared to the internet and should be reported to the police immediately in the event of an accident. Europe has the most diverse relationship with dash cams of any region on the planet. Despite the fact that Europe accounts for over half of the global market for automobile dash cameras, numerous countries in the region have outright banned the devices.   

They should also not obstruct the driver's field of vision, as is the case in the United Kingdom.
Thinkware's dash cams, with the exception of one, do not have a screen, allowing them to be positioned behind the rear-view mirror without distracting the driver. 

Dash Cam Popularity in France

In France, dash cameras have been slow to catch on, with only 35,000 units anticipated to be in use as of February 2020.

Some insurance firms are beginning to provide discounts, with L'olivier, a French online subsidiary of UK Admiral Group, giving a 10% discount and Acomme Assure, another online firm, offering a 15% discount.

When paired with an internal or external GPS antenna, all Thinkware dash cams provide safety camera warnings.

It is now unlawful in France to specify the site of enforcement cameras; however, it is permissible to advise of danger zones where cameras are installed. 

Brits Abroad

Many European countries either prohibit or severely restrict the usage of dash cams?

In other circumstances, British citizens who use dash cams while traveling abroad face hefty fines or even jail time if they break the law. 

The requirements for using dash cams differ greatly across the continent, so it's crucial to familiarize yourself with them before visiting each country.

Some European countries, including as Spain, Italy, Malta, and the Netherlands, have no limits on the usage of dash cams.

However, in some countries, such as France and Belgium, dash cams are only allowed for "private usage."

Dash cam use is also prohibited in a few nations, including Austria and Portugal.

In Austria, repeat offenders face astronomical five-figure fines. 

To Cam or Not to Cam?

We all assume we're fantastic drivers and that nothing bad will happen to us, but accidents do happen, and a dash cam can save you a lot of trouble by acting as your personal expert witness when all other witnesses have fled.

If there is any uncertainty about an occurrence, you may be facing a lengthy court case, which can cause tension and fury, all of which can be avoided with the use of a dash cam.

Insurance companies will examine the film, and if it's obvious enough as to what transpired, no legal actions will be required.

Someone who has recently been in an accident is the easiest person to sell a dash cam to, as their personal experience highlights the need.

Can you afford to take the chance at costs as low as €100? 

Now you know how have your privacy respected in France when planning your vacation throughout Europe.

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