Does A Dashcam Record The Speed You're Travelling? Find Out Here!
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Dec 2, 2021 @ 5:33 am

Yes, But Do You Enable or Disable Speed Recording?

Other elements, I imagine, will play a role. Obviously, whether or not your dash cam displays your current speed, as well as whether or not it allows you to turn it off and on, will be important.

So obviously this discussion isn't for you if you don't have a dash cam, have one but don't have this feature, or have one but can't turn it off:beer:

So, for those of you who DO have a dash cam and have the ability to switch on/off the feature that displays your speed on your recordings.

Do You Want This Turned On or Off? 

I can see why you'd leave it on if you're someone who won't travel a single mile over the speed limit under any conditions.

Personally, I have periods when I drive quickly and times when I do not.
If I'm driving on back roads, for example, I'll take it easy.

I'll approach corners with caution because I don't want to be flying where I can't see, and there are so many jerks on back roads who drive at 100 mph on the wrong side of the road.

If I'm on the straights or on a quiet open road, I'll drive quickly. On the way to work, there's a long, straight stretch, and it's a 50.

When I travel in the morning, it's basically vacant, so I'll go 60-70 on there, but when I return home and it's evening traffic, I'll do the limit because the conditions demand it.

As a result, I've decided to leave things alone for the time being. 

Is it Possible to be Convicted For Speeding Through Dash-Cam Footage? 

The dash-cam reporting mechanism is aimed to detect offenses such as reckless and risky driving, near passes on pedal cyclists (and motorcycles), as well as other violations such as running red lights or using a cellphone while driving. It is not designed to catch speeding offenses. 

There are many ways to calculate speed, the most obvious being time and distance, and camera frames per second can be used to calculate a vehicle's speed.

The police, on the other hand, are unlikely to go to great efforts to determine the approximate speed of anything unless the speed is so blatantly high that it constitutes reckless driving, in which case they will. 

It only takes one dedicated cop to start the ball rolling, and if the footage comes from an area that receives a lot of complaints from the public, it's bound to get noticed.

Consider a car or bike show where the local community is constantly complaining about cars' or riders' actions, and suddenly a video arrives, verifying all of the concerns.

Even if no action is taken in response to the video, the police are likely to take action on their own - they may begin actively monitoring the area with the goal of enforcing speed limits.

Dash Cam Footage Upload Scheme

The National Dash Cam Safety Portal is the simplest way to send police original footage from someone's dash cam footage for prosecution to prosecute footage from drivers.

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