How To Remove Dashcam Adhesive From The Windshield? Find Out Here!
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Nov 25, 2021 @ 10:53 pm

Ways To Get Started And Tools You Will Need.

After a small amount of research, I discovered a couple of neat ways to remove a dash cam and 3M adhesive from a windshield that was mounted using 3M tape.

All you will need to get that dash cam mount and 3M adhesive off your windshield, is some dental floss or fish wire to get the job done.

Removing the cam mount and 3M adhesive from your windshield.

Detach the camera, then insert the floss or fish wire, behind the mount and start sawing from right to left. This sawing action will remove the plastic from the 3M tape stuck to your windshield. When this has been achieved and all you have left is the 3M adhesive stuck to your windshield, you simply need to use the same process to remove all the 3M tape from the windshield.

How to remove the 3M adhesive from the back of the plastic mount.

When you have removed the plastic mount, you will have some 3M adhesive stuck to the back of it. This will come off, with a little bit of effort, simply by rubbing the 3M adhesive off it by using your fingers and rubbing up and down or by using your nails. Using your nails too, will help to get it off quicker.


Well, we have taken care of a do above, but let's address a don't and then show another do to you. Don't try to pry the dash cam from the windshield using brute force or by using a heavy tool. This could take a longtime and you may damage the dash cam or crack the windshield. This is a no no rule. DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD.

Do 2

If you don't have any dental floss or fish wire, another good method is to use a hair dryer or heat gun. If you do use this method, it will remove the mount and 3M tape cleanly, leaving no tape residue on the windscreen. Using the heat form a hairdryer or heat gun will soften the adhesives grip on the windshield. Point the hairdryer or heat gun at the mount and heat it up. After around 3/4 minutes on the moderate heat setting, you will be able to easily peel the mount and 3M tape from the windshield.

Boxing it back up to send back to the manufacturer with the dash cam?

Either method will work for you, but the quickest way is with hairdryer or heat gun. It is also less messy. Obviously you don't want any marks on the Dash cam or mount so my advice is to resist using any other method, if you are sending it back to the manufacturer.

Any more methods or tools?

If you choose to use the dental floss or fish wire method, you could also use some Isopropyl alcohol to clean the windshield of any 3M stickiness. Once you have sawed the mount and 3M adhesive off your windshield, dab a cloth with some Isopropyl alcohol and your windshield will be as clean as it was before you mounted your dash cam.

Anything else?

If you are not a dental health enthusiast or a keen fisherman and have no hair to dry, there is one other method I found that will get the job done with a little bit of effort. Do you have a library card or any thin plastic card? All you need to do is carefully slip it under the dash cam mount, easing it under more and more to loosen the grip of the 3M adhesive. After a minute of this action, the dash cam mount will come off and then you simply use the same rubbing action with your fingers, that you used with the dental floss or fish wire method and the 3M adhesive will eventually come off the windscreen. If it is troublesome, maybe use Isopropyl alcohol to help complete the job and give a clean finish.

The best way to overall to get this job done clean, fast and effectively is by using a hairdryer or heat gun. That said though, we don't all use hairdryers or heat guns so I hope the two other safe ways I have found and described for you above, will help you get that extremely sticky 3M adhesive off your windscreen and dash-cam mount. Whose idea was it to get rid of suction pads and a bit of tried and tested science?

Good luck with the method you choose and remember - don't crack anything.

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