Nextbase 512G Dash Cam

nextbase-512gDash cams are quickly becoming an asset in cars in the UK and the rest of the world these days because they provide their users with their own personal witness should anything ever go wrong during their journey. If you have been victim to insurance fraud before you’ll no doubt wish you had a dash cam that could have recorded all the action and in turn would have prosecuted the perpetrator.

Maybe you had a dash cam before but it failed you because it wasn’t of sufficient quality so now you are looking to purchase something high end that will guarantee to provide good quality evidence. The Nextbase 512G (VIEW PRICE HERE!) Dash Cam has won awards for producing top quality video evidence and even though the price is a little steeper when compared with other dash cams, it’s well worth buying because you know you are going to get something that works well.

Here are a few of the features the Nextbase 512G Dash Cam provides:

  • Anti-glare polarising filter – This dash cam was the world’s first to introduce the anti-glare polarising filter. This filter is perfect for those that drive a lot during the day and under normal circumstances may have problems recording because of the glare from the sun. With the polarising filter this prevents any glare and you will be able to record crystal clear videos with no problems at all.
  • Parking mode detector – The clever parking mode detector detects any motion and starts recording to make sure all activity is captured. This is a great feature for those that leave their dash cam in their vehicles at all times because it catches any suspicious activity.
  • Built in GPS – The GPS tracking system integrated into this dash cam will record the location of where the recordings happen – this will provide extra proof of when and where the incident happened.
  • G-Sensor – The popular G-Sensor technology is an added security to protect your data and videos should you have a collision. The G-Sensor automatically senses a collision and protects your videos so even if the dash cam itself breaks you will still be able to get access to previously recorded incidents.
  • Wide angle HD recording – This dash cam provides its users with a 140 degree wide angle view which captures even more than some of its competitors. The dash cam can record at 30 frames per second and uses Six-Element Sharp Lenses to provide crystal clear video recordings.
  • Has won awards – This dash cam by Nextbase has been awarded on numerous occasions for its outstanding technology and simplicity of use. It has recently won the “Which? Best Buy 2015” because it was top in the dash cams category.
  • Sony sensor – This dash cam has a Sony sensor implemented into its design which provides even clearer images and videos for its users.
  • Night vision – Night vision technology was built into this dash cam so when the night falls it automatically switches to night vision for better quality video recordings in the dark.
  • PC & Mac compatible – Most dash cams only cater for windows based computers so to be able to use this dash cam with mac computers makes this a big plus.

With all the features the Nextbase 512G Dash Cam provides it’s easy to see why it’s popular among drivers these days and even though it comes with a hefty price tag you will find that it is the perfect dash cam for any driver’s needs. The technical aspect of this dash cam is superb and it uses all the latest technology to provide the best quality pictures and video recordings – and to go with that the robustness of the design is second to none.

Features: 140 degree wide angle view – Built in GPS – Anti-glare
Pricing: High-End