Transcend 16GB Drive Pro 220 Car GPS Video Recorder

transcend-drive-pro-220If you are accident prone in the car and always seem to find yourself paying for an accident that wasn’t your fault, purchasing a dash cam could prove invaluable. There are plenty of dash cams to choose from and most of them offer their users a great experience, however, there are dash cams out there that offer a lot more than their competitors. If you are looking for a reliable dash cam that is going to last a long time you will need to pay the price for one and they don’t come cheap. One dash cam in particular that is getting good reviews from many is the Transcend Drive Pro 220 Car Dash Cam – it provides a lot of features and with the video quality it provides puts this dash cam up there with the best.

The Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dash Cam is very simple to use and install so even if you aren’t that technical when it comes to technology you will find it very easy to get used to. Have a look at some of the features below and see for yourself why so many people love having this important witness around when it counts the most:

  • Parking protection – Keeping your dash cam in car at all times might be a risk in the sense criminals may see it and want to break in to get it, but it also records everything when you’re away from your car thanks to its motion detection system. If anyone goes near your car the dash cam will automatically start recording.
  • Built-in battery – A lasting battery is included with the dash cam so you can charge it before use and it will not interrupt when recording all important activities on the road.
  • GPS tracking – A GPS tracking system is implemented so you have extra proof of when and where an incident took place should you be unfortunate. It will log the time and location of each recording so you can show it as evidence if need be.
  • Forward collision warning – A handy forward collision warning system that will give you a warning if you get to close to a vehicle in front.
  • Lane departure warning – If you are on the motorway and you drift into another lane the dash cam will give you a warning to prevent any possible collisions.
  • Wide view angle – The dash cam can record everything in its 130 degree wide viewing angle. It will not miss anything that happens in front of your vehicle.
  • WiFi enabled – A handy feature for those who are in range of an internet connection, this dash cam can connect to it using WiFi so you can upload any videos or pictures it takes on the internet.
  • Full HD recording – With the glass lens this dash cam has implemented into its design it’s able to provide crystal clear images and video recordings in Full HD 1080p.
  • Speed alarm – If the dash cam feels you are going to fast it will safely give you a warning to watch your speed.

If you don’t mind spending a bit extra on a dash cam you know is going to provide you with years of service then the Transcend 220 Dash Cam should definitely be considered. It has everything you need to record everything that happens on the road and with the added benefits of the forward collision warnings and the lane departure warnings you know you are going to get a lot more for your money.


Features: Easy grip – Transparent top – 4 part grinder

Pricing: Affordable